Project Description
UrzaGatherer is a WPF 4.0 client application to handle Magic The Gathering cards collections.

You can manage expansions, blocks and all informations about cards. You can browse and search for specific cards.
UrzaGatherer come with UrzaBackgroundPictures which allow you to use the UrzaGatherer pictures database to set random background on your desktop.

UrzaGatherer is build upon:
  • WPF 4.0 with huge use of data binding
  • Task Parallel Library
  • Entity Framework 4.0
  • SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0
  • Click Once

With UrzaGatherer you can:
  • Get averages prices of your cards
  • Handle blocks and expansions
  • Get high definition pictures of your cards
  • Get all cards informations such as power, defense, flavor, rules, etc...
  • Get statistics
  • Mark cards you own

Sample video on Youtube :

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